Impressive insights into PV recycling at the Münster site

May we introduce? Our new PV recycling film! 
We have taken the innovations and enormous progress in the field of PV recycling as an opportunity to update our existing film. Now you can get a detailed impression of our recycling solutions - testing for reuse and PV recycling - at our specialised PV recycling site in Münster.

Because a lot has happened in the last year: In June 2023, we opened the first pure and highly specialised PV recycling site in Münster with a specially developed treatment process for silicon-based PV modules. But that's not all - after intensive further research and development, we recently succeeded in optimising the glass quality for high-quality melting applications and implementing silicon recovery on an industrial scale.

We don't want to withhold this from you - so take a look: Reiling PV recycling film