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A container like no other.

Since 2006, manufacturers of electronic goods have been obliged by law to take back and recycle old appliances. As partners for electronic recycling we are involved in this important field.

As a rule, the public waste management organizations offer citizens collection points where post-user appliances can be handed in. However, in the meantime it has become clear that this is inadequate to handle the quantities available in theory. Many small appliances still “disappear” into the general waste bin. Therefore, based on our own longstanding experience with depot containers, we decided to develop a collection container which meets the specific requirements for collecting small electronic appliances and also other resources (e.g. clothing, shoes, etc.).

These containers can be erected alongside the existing bottle and paper banks provided by public collection systems and are much more convenient than the previous solution.

A container like no other
Compared to existing models, which are often just modifications of normal depot containers with one large opening, the Reiling Resource Container Type ESSB for electronic recycling offers the following benefits:

  • appliances protected against unauthorized removal
  • no moving or protruding parts within the container
  • no moving parts around the opening, so no risk of injury to the user
  • torsion-bar-suspended floor plate / emptying opening
  • compact outer dimensions




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